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A Video For My Reddit Friends

If you are Reddit maybe we have seen each other there. If not, you probably should be because Reddit is awesome! Lots of funny pics, cute pics, news, space stuff and anything else you can imagine. Since I have been… Continue Reading →

I took this and didn’t know it would come out looking so alive. I posted it on my twitter and people really liked it there. I couldn’t put it on facebook because have a little bit of my nipple in… Continue Reading → Now Open!

It’s been a long time coming but now it’s here. Click here to check out the free preview, you’re going to love it! Don’t forget to be awesome and click the “join” button to become a member and get unlimited… Continue Reading →

If you have seen me on cam in the last week you have probably seen this already but I just found out it lights up if I put a flashlight on the end of it. This might make for a… Continue Reading →

I know guys like gamer girls and since I like guys (and girls) I figured I would share my excitement for games. Right now I’m playing GTA V and I love it! Do you play? This is my girl I… Continue Reading →

I know you guys will like this so I’m putting it here for your enjoyment. This is a pic of my red garter belt and red lace panties combo. Hope you like it.

It’s Sunday so I have to hop on the selfie train. Happy selfie Sunday!!!

If any of you have ever been to Thailand you might have heard of Walking Street in Pattaya. I went there on holiday and of course Allie went with me. She wanted to party so we hit Walking Street to… Continue Reading →

I did a photo shoot for my site in front of some concrete tubes a while back (before I made my new hair color), here is one of the pics from that set. I like it because I think it… Continue Reading →

I was sitting around bored so decided to make a Hindu look from things I have around my room. Here is the result…

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