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A new free desktop wallpaper of me. a lot of people are coming to my blog looking for Asian Wallpapers so i thought good idea for put another. i’ll try for put more soon so bookmark me and come back for more. :)  Just click the photo of me above for full version of wallpaper. Leave me comment if u put so i know. Always happy to know when people put me on desktop…hehehe.


26 Responses to Free desktop wallpaper of sexy Thai girl

  1. David says:

    Hey baby. When are you going to do the thong video ?

  2. joe says:

    wow Apple that is a super sexy picture.
    Thank you

  3. Apple says:

    Hehehe. Happy u like Joe!!! Thank u!

  4. Apple says:

    I try for do soon. :)

  5. William says:

    this is super sexy :)
    are you wearing any panties underneath those jeans?

  6. Apple says:

    Yes. Small black bikini panties. :)

  7. William says:

    you are so hot. you make my dick get so hard :)

  8. Apple says:

    Thank u! Happy i can help. :) Kiss!

  9. William says:

    are you pleased that i masturbate to your photos? i rlly wanna get on cam with you but you’re never on when i am. i wanna see soooo much more of you.

  10. JoSePh says:

    you are hot apple. i think your mohak is very sexy!

  11. Apple says:

    Hi William. Let me know what time good for you and I try for be on so we can chat. :)

  12. Apple says:

    Thank u!

  13. Frangius says:

    Hi beautiful Apple, you are a pleasure to watch, very sensual and brilliant selection of codes, great artist! I love your style and would not mind to get in touch.

  14. Apple says:

    Thank u! :) What ur name?

  15. JoSePh says:

    I masturbate to your photos. I wanna do some really kinky stuff with you.

  16. Apple says:

    just come c me on my cam and we can do some kinky stuff together. ;)

  17. JoSePh says:

    do you prefer being fingered or eaten out? i prefer to lick the pussy but that’s just me. :)

  18. Seth says:

    i want to lick your pussy. i wanna pleasure you as much as you pleasure me. i want you to masturbate for me while looking at my penis. i want to see you cum just like i do to you.

  19. Apple says:

    Wow u want alot…hehehe. Come c me on cam and u can get what u ask for. :)

  20. Apple says:

    I like for have my pussy kissed…so maybe we get along good. hehehe

  21. hutch was here says:

    i want to see you more hot

  22. hutch was here says:

    i want to see you more sexy

  23. king of kings says:

    damn this pic right here makes me wana bone you. but i’m (edited by apple)

  24. Apple says:

    hehehe. u be good ok. come c me in 5 years. ;)

  25. king of kings says:

    Lol will do, just dont go old on me.

  26. Mitch says:

    Wow Apple my wallpaper never looked better!!!!! Perfect picture!!!

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