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Apple Soey naked on beach

I know you are all going to like this one because I’m naked. Everybody always ask to c me naked so here i am. I know, i know, you want to c with no black bars, right? Maybe i make something special for my twitter followers in next few days…maybe. ;)  Or you can see everything on my webcam. Anyways, i hope you like this photos of me naked on beach.  I went out with friend for take photo in morning time and we find this good place overlooking water and islands so we take a lot of photo here. I will put more too of me posing in this bikini.


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13 Responses to Naked Asian girl on beach

  1. joe says:

    hello sweet apple,
    yes it would be super with no black bars covering ur sexy body. For some reason the twitter links for pictures dosent work for me. Your last two pictures you posted would been great un block. Hope 2 see all of you soon! Kisses jr

  2. joe says:

    hello sexy Apple, I sure wish ur last two blog posting were not block in certain areas. I have to say you sure look very Hot and Sweet. You sure know how to tease a man. Mmmmm very sweet kisses all over

  3. JoSePh says:

    apple this is a super sexy pic. i wish u didnt put the bars there cuz i really wanna see your pussy. i want to lick your pussy soooooo bad it gives me a boner just thinkin about you. if we were to ever meet, i would lick your pussy and drill it with my dick ;)

  4. Apple says:

    I think i’ll have to put one with no bars soon so noboday get mad at me…hehehehe.

  5. jkk20 says:

    more of you without those black bars would be so nice apple ;)

    we love your hot asian body

  6. Apple says:

    I know. Everybody asks for them but i not put yet. Maybe i do in future.

  7. jkk20 says:

    oki ;) take your time sweetie i’m in no rush

  8. alex says:

    i can see those boobs but not nimple sad pls GO WEBCAM I’M IN SINGAPORE

  9. Apple says:

    Hi Alex. Yes u can see, just go my webcam.

  10. WickedTouch says:

    Hi Apple. V.nice pics of your hot body…. shame about the black bars though…. but you know that we will hang around till you post that pic withoutyour really hot parts covered up. You look gorgeous though…. naked or with black bars…. still good enough to eat! Yum.



  11. ken anderson says:

    Add me on fb plz ;) p.s I’m funny allegedly x

  12. Craig says:

    I don’t just want to see you on the beach, i want to be on the beach with you. xxx

  13. Apple says:

    Ok, lets go beach. :)

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